Our Government took steps to lower taxes for nearly 20 million Canadians starting in 2020

In 2015, one of our Government’s first acts was to cut taxes for middle-class Canadians. We knew then, and still know today, that when we invest in middle-class Canadians, we build stronger communities, create more jobs, and continue to grow our economy. That’s why, our government took steps to lower taxes for nearly 20 million […]

Jaime Battiste to chair the Liberal Indigenous Caucus

Six members of Parliament form the Liberal Indigenous Caucus, including newly appointed chair, M.P. Battiste from Sydney-Victoria, the first-ever Mi’kmaw MP who is a member of the Eskasoni First Nation. The Liberal Indigenous Caucus has announced the appointment of Jaime Battiste, Member of Parliament for Sydney-Victoria as their newly appointed chair of the Liberal Indigenous […]