Building Back Better

Building Back Better
A bold new mandate following the speech from the throne.

Yesterday Canadians heard the Speech from the Throne – clear direction on how to confront the challenge of COVID and move forward, to build a better, stronger, more resilient Canada. Around the world, nations are realizing that business as usual isn’t good enough. COVID-19 has exposed and brought attention to the vulnerabilities in our societies.Part of our plan is a transformational revamp of the social safety net and the programs that are there for Canadians. This includes:

– Accelerating the creation of national pharmacare for all Canadians- Establishing a national formulary to keep drug costs low

– Implementing Canada-wide child-care and early learning system

– Transforming Employment Insurance to meet the needs of Canadians in the COVID-era

– Ensuring supports exist for those not covered by EI during the COVID pandemic

– Amending the Criminal Code to explicitly criminalize the neglect of seniors in care

– Setting new, national standards for long-term care homes across Canada

– Increasing Old Age Security at 75 and increasing the Survivor’s Benefit

– Creating a new Canadian Disability Benefit and changing the eligibility standards for disability programs to include more Canadians

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