Minister Morneau launches pre-budget consultation process for Budget 2020

For Budget 2020, our Government is inviting all Canadians to offer their ideas on how we can continue to create jobs, grow the middle class, and create an economy that works for everyone.

Canada’s economy is sound, and continues to grow at a solid pace. Canada is expected to have the second-fastest-growing economy in the G7 in 2020. Since 2015, more than a million new jobs have been created in Canada, most of them full-time. Business profits are solid, Canadians’ wages are growing and unemployment hit record lows this year. Canada also maintains the best balance sheet in the G7.

But, we know that far too many families are still struggling to make ends meet. That’s why we’ve put in place a plan to make life more affordable:

  • Putting more money in the pockets of the middle class;
  • Making it easier for people to buy their first home; and
  • Giving new parents more time and money to raise their kids.

There is a lot more work to do in order to build an economy that truly works for everyone.

We need your ideas for Budget 2020

Let us know what matters the most to you, so that we can ensure all Canadians see the benefits of a growing economy. These consultations will focus on how the government can make progress on the issues that matter most to Canadians. We encourage Canadians to submit their ideas online or by email at

Strengthening the middle class

Our Government is committed to growing the middle class and providing crucial supports for those working hard to join it, because a strong economy starts with a strong middle class. While the economy is strong and growing, far too many families are struggling to make ends meet.

Through these consultations, our Government wants to hear from you on how to continue to make life more affordable, ensure equality in the job market, and create and improve access to more good, well-paying jobs for middle class Canadians.


  • What is the most effective action the government could take to help with the cost of living?
  • How can the government and the business community help ensure that Canadians have the skills, training, and opportunities they need to find and keep a good job?
  • What role can the government play in helping Canadians find and keep affordable housing for themselves and their families?
  • How can the government best promote economic growth and help businesses take advantage of global opportunities?

Maintaining the health and safety of Canadians

One of the fundamental roles of any government is to keep its citizens safe and healthy. Our Government is committed to protecting Canadians in their communities, and building a safer more secure world for our children and our grandchildren. For Budget 2020, all Canadians are invited to share their ideas and feedback on how our Government can continue to support a safer and healthier Canada.


  • In your view, what are the most serious challenges faced by law enforcement as they work to keep our communities safe?
  • How can the government best work to address gun violence? Or gang-related violence?
  • What are the most pressing needs of Canadians when it comes to accessing quality, affordable healthcare and drug coverage?
  • What other things can the government do to help keep Canadians healthy and safe?

Fighting and preparing for climate change and protecting the environment

Climate change is real, and Canadians are feeling the impacts of it every day. The challenge we face is unprecedented and requires urgent action in order to responsibly transition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Canada is well-positioned to lead, and our Government is committed to supporting a cleaner environment and sustainable economy. We want your help to get there, and the pre-budget consultations are an opportunity for Canadians to share their ideas on how our Government can help build a better – more sustainable – future for all Canadians.


  • What measures can the government put in place to help more individual Canadians or businesses/sectors take action on climate change and help Canada achieve net-zero emissions by 2050?
  • How can the government best continue to protect the environment and preserve Canada’s natural legacy?
  • What can the government do to help keep Canadians safe in the face of natural disasters?

Moving forward on reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples

No relationship is more important than the one with Indigenous Peoples. Our Government has made real progress in fostering a renewed relationship with Indigenous Peoples, but there is much more work to do. We are committed to moving forward in partnership with Indigenous Peoples to ensure they are in control of their own destinies and making decisions about their communities. Our Government looks forward to hearing Canadians’ views as part of pre-budget consultations on how to move forward on this important issue.


  • How do we advance reconciliation, improve service delivery, and help deliver a better quality of life for Indigenous Peoples?
  • What would be the most effective actions that the government could take to help ensure that Indigenous Peoples have the tools and access they need to fully participate in the economy?
  • While implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, how can the government ensure that it lives up to the spirit and intent of treaties made with Indigenous Peoples so that they are in control of their own destinies and making decisions about their communities?

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