Federal Indian Day School settlement claims process now open

The class action Mclean Settlement for Indian Day School survivors takes effect starting January 13, 2020, meaning that survivors and family members can begin to access the compensation they have long fought for.

The Indian Day School system is a dark and shameful part of Canada’s history. Over 200,000 children were forced to attend these schools – many were mistreated, abused, and robbed of their cultural identity and dignity.

Our Government has worked with members of the McLean class action to reach a settlement outside of the courts. It includes individual compensation and $200 million to support healing, wellness, education, culture and commemoration – something that could not have been awarded by a court.

Nothing can undo the harms of the past, but this settlement brings us one step closer to bringing lasting and meaningful resolution with the survivors.

For more information on claimant eligibility, click here or contact our office.

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